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Monthly Archives: December 2009

listening to talk radio can really drive somebody nuts. I am so tempted to grab my phone and call in just to throw in my dumb views into the mix but I don’t think it’s really worth the effort. I’ll just suffer through the ignorance.

oh yeah, it’s still snowing. I love it.

and here are five more fun filled forums that are full of all kinds of interesting things to read and chat about.

keeping with the theme of things… here are five more to keep you occupied over the winter months.

and here are the final five… kinda like cylons.  hope you find some of these interesting and useful.

and we have reached the end… hope this was fun for everyone.


It’s snowing again! Fun stuff! Lot’s of white fluffy stuff falling from the sky. Here are a couple of forums that I recently found that I thought were kinda interesting.

Oh yeah… it’s almost new years eve so party hard and don’t drink and dive.

breaking everything up so this doesn’t look like a link farm. we wouldn’t want that!

and that wrapes everything up and this is the end of this amazing post!

have a great new years eve… don’t drink and dive.

it’s christmas eve! Yay!

It’s also very cold and I’m not a fan of the cold. Well, some music I’m listening too at the moment are lady gaga, snoop dogg, blink 182 and one republic. It’s an eclectic bunch but it’s all good.

merry christmas and happy holidays and screw kwanzaa… it’s a fake holiday.

today is tuesday and we are giving this wordpress thing a try again. not sure why the last account was suspended but we will try to be a little more careful with this one or at least we will push this one to see how far I can go before it is suspended.

sexuality sexydirty sexualitydigest modernsexualtiy dirtybondagegirl

ok, this should knock out the first 5 backlinks from blogger.